• Compostable sunglasses: Pela Vision
    You may know Pela already from their compostable phone cases. The phone cases are made in Canada  from a bioplastic called Flaxstic® which is a form of flax plant straw. The material is usually a waste product! So it’s a win for both the environment and business. Pela have now added sunglasses to their repertoire, […]
  • Organic cotton and timeless classics: Colourful Standard
    Whether you’re just starting out on your sustainable journey or you’re well underway, Colourful Standard should be your go to for your classics.  We’re talking T-Shirts, Hoodies, Jumpers, Sweat Pants, Shorts, Scarves and Beanies. They pride themselves on being sustainable, colourful and uncomplicated – which is a great combination of words to live by.  They […]
    Did you know that just over two thirds of the earth’s surface is covered by the ocean? TWOTHIRDS takes its name from this very fact. The international team behind the brand are self proclaimed ocean lovers! Using their sustainable approach to fashion, they are on a mission to protect the earth’s oceans by making goods […]
    Organic Basics was founded and is run from Copenhagen and you will find all their suppliers in Europe. The brand provides comprehensive information about their suppliers, many of which hold industry standards such as GOTS, SA8000, OEKO-TEX or Bluesign®. They are B-Corp certified organisation (alongside Patagonia and All Birds) which means they are balancing profit and purpose. Even […]
  • How to dye naturally: AMMA
    Colour forms an essential and inherent part of the fashion industry and has done for thousands of years. The dyes used to be from natural sources such as plants or foods. The industrial revolution of the late nineteenth century was a catalyst for the invention and adoption of synthetic dyes.   To achieve colour on an […]