Organic cotton and timeless classics: Colourful Standard

Written by The Sustainable Buyer

Whether you’re just starting out on your sustainable journey or you’re well underway, Colourful Standard should be your go to for your classics.  We’re talking T-Shirts, Hoodies, Jumpers, Sweat Pants, Shorts, Scarves and Beanies. They pride themselves on being sustainable, colourful and uncomplicated – which is a great combination of words to live by. 

They believe in fair wages and in giving back from their Cophenhagen headquartered business, they’ve established a football club and foundation in the Democratic Republic of Congo, FC Masi Manimba. They produce all the kits in their Portugal factory!

We hope the colours and their approach to simple sustainable business has put them on your ‘go to’ list. You can also take 20% off with The Sustainable Buyer friend code:


The brand keeps things simple and colourful. The colours are often nature-inspired, think Polar Blue, Paradise Peach and Lemon Yellow. Everything is made from 100% organic cotton or Italian Extra Fine Merino Wool and produced in Portugal. When you order online, your colourful classics are delivered directly from the factory thus cutting out wasteful stops and potential middlemen. Alternatively if you find yourself in Paris or Zurich, you can drop by their flagship stores.