The 30 Year Warranty: Eastpak

Written by The Sustainable Buyer

The zip on my Eastpak back finally gave up after five years. During this time it visited all 5 continents as my day bag and then it was used religiously for taking my things to work. It had been put through its paces so I wasn’t surprised that I had worn out the zip. To add insult to injury, the straps were looking pretty worn out as well. However I bought the rucksack from Eastpak because I knew they were great quality bags and because it had a 30 year warranty!!!

The broken zip justified calling the warranty into action. In order to use the warranty, you need to check the Eastpak site, scroll down to the Warranty page then follow the warranty steps for the country you are in and then send the bag to your closest Warranty Centre for repair or replacement. For me, that was in Berlin. I sent the bag off and a few weeks later it came back, literally as good as new! Replaced zips and straps as requested. 


The warranty allows customers to extend the life of their Eastpak bags. It’s estimated that an extra nine months of active use of a garment reduces carbon, water and waste footprint by 20-30% of the garment (Source: WRAP). Extending garment life is the low hanging fruit of sustainable fashion. 

If however, you are in need of a new bag, Eastpak has got some great eco conscious options. Check out their SR+ range made from surplus and recycled fabric here. They’ve also collaborated with Vivienne Westwood to create a conscious collection using recycled ocean plastic, see it here