Written by The Sustainable Buyer

Organic Basics was founded and is run from Copenhagen and you will find all their suppliers in Europe. The brand provides comprehensive information about their suppliers, many of which hold industry standards such as GOTS, SA8000, OEKO-TEX or Bluesign®. They are B-Corp certified organisation (alongside Patagonia and All Birds) which means they are balancing profit and purpose. Even their head office is fitted out with second hand furniture and is working towards eliminating plastic!


Organic Basics are taking our sustainable shopping to the next level by offering a low impact website. Their eco-friendly site reduces carbon consumption by 70% compared to their old site. Through some simple changes they have reduced the transfer of data which requires electricity and consequently carbon emissions. The user is even informed of the impact of their browsing behaviour in grams of CO2   saved per session in comparison to using their original site. 


Organic Basics provide classic styles designed to last, turning their back on the fast paced industry norms. The brand avoids traditional polyester and cotton and opts for organic cotton, lyocell (by TENCEL™), recycled cashmere, recycled wool, organic hemp, organic linen, recycled cotton. See the fabric guide here. On site, OB gives products an Impact Index so you can quantitatively understand the difference the brand is making. You can also see customer reviews and ask questions about products. Click here to go to the Organic Basics site, (original or low-impact) and use code: BUYEROBC for 10% off (expires September 29th)