Written by The Sustainable Buyer

This UK Brand is run as a social enterprise. Its mission therefore, is not solely to make profit. It seeks to, in their own words: “make excellent quality affordable clothes for men and women, to create great jobs for skilled workers and by doing this help to restore real pride in Britain’s textile communities.”

Community Clothing (CC) was founded in 2016 propelled by kickstarter cash. The founder, Patrick Grant, cut his teeth at Saville Row. He spent over 11 years at E.T Tautz as Creative Director and over 14 years at Norton & Sons as Director. Grant noticed that many UK factories operate below full capacity during low season and has tailored his social enterprise model to this. CC tracks their social impact as well as their sales. Social impact is measured in terms of hours of skilled work created – so far over 130,000 of skilled work! 

CC offers suppliers a fair price and pays everybody working along the supply chain at least a living wage. They source everything locally (i.e within the UK) from fabric to buttons. It also has an Odds and Ends range made from surplus and deadstock. Through the direct to consumer model, CC create affordability for the consumer. You can be a part of this positive value creating supply from as little as £2.50 for a pair of socks! T-shirts start at £22 and denim from £65. 

To see Grant talk more about his brand, watch the video, taken from their Kickstarter page below:

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Pictures & Video courtesy of Community Clothing.